I code more than design recently and below there are few most recent examples. Generally, I receive PSD files with a desktop version of homepage, every subpage and I need to code them pixel-perfectly (thanks to Visual Studio Code + Node.js for SASS (scss) + ZURB foundation framework FTW).

I believe in mobile so even if client "doesn't want" full mobile version, prepared by his graphic designer I prepare simple mobile version which is mostly sufficient.

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Design and code new version of polish government agency's website and migration between CMS Drupal's minor version +2 (7 000+ pages, multiple page templates, custom fields etc.), see ncn.gov.pl

Except the website itself, the biggest ongoing project is full-text search engine projekty.ncn.gov.pl for every project founded by the Centre. I had to design, code, run servers and develop a project. I use Elasticsearch (ELK) + PHP for this. It was running on AWS firstly, which was quite expensive so after a while I needed to configure and run VPS server, successfully.

Another interesting project was dynamically created charts with statistics of projects funded by the Centre ncn.gov.pl/statystyki/ (use the gray box titled "Dane do wykresu" to generate the chart).

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I worked mainly for the marketing division, preparing print materials (not web) for their products. I draw illustrations and icons by myself so that all materials for print look consistent.

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I know fiber optic networks well (9 year's ago I graduated a master degree on Electronics and Telefommunications and my master's thesis was "Advanced fiber optic measurement").

I made drawings for a client, especially for training purposes so the drawings had to be precise (cable bending angles, draw products like they look in real, not just simillar to). Few examples below.

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Few examples of my past graphic designs (more than 4 years ago) and coding. Except the CSS + HTML5 combination, I often use Wordpress CMS and code own plugins.

I know the basics of SEO, so I can prepare code that doesn't require too much optimization. I also use google analytics and google tag manager.

#design #coding


As a subcontrator, I designed and coded few websites (I only present websites designed by myself). I also coded about 30 landingpages, redesigned the template and coded about 20 e-mail campaigns.

Through javascripts and css files only (with no acces to the template files or the server) I coded few extensions for a bit limited existing CMS system (i.e. add cart button by retrieving existing data to dynamicly create forms in places where it wasn't possible to add through the CMS by the site owner). I also redesigned few websites through js and css only.

The biggest challenge was learning and using new API (MAPP newsletter) to send data (via REST API) between e-mail campaign system and a website.